Judy Wear Boutique

a small, local clothing shop in Chandler

Tools:     Wix     Photoshop     Canva

Judy, a retired teacher, opened her boutique in February 2018. It is a unique store that utilizes antique furniture as clothing racks and displays. Her clientele are mainly women 40 and older, making Chico's and Soft Surroundings her main competitors. Her boutique is located in the back of a relatively empty shopping plaza, so when she opened, she was concerned that nobody would know that she was there.

She had a pre-existing Facebook account from her former business in Sierra Vista, Arizona, which I changed to a Judy Wear Boutique page. I ask that she post to her Facebook page because she connects well with her clients that are on it. I also signed her business up for an Instagram account and I regularly create content for it by taking artistic photographs of her inventory, as well as designing graphics.

I also create ads for her boutique that are distributed in the local newspapers, because her audience is an older generation of women, many of whom don't regularly use social media. This way, we capture all of her potential audiences, both online and not.

Finally, I created a website and online store for her boutique so that her previous clientele from Sierra Vista could order their clothing from online. The website includes the logo and brand colors that I created for her, as well as her mission statement, upcoming events at her shop, hours and location, as well as a place for customers to book style parties. I help her upload her new arrivals onto the site and sort them into categories that are easy for users to browse through.

My relationship with the business is ongoing, and I enjoy helping Judy with her website and social media. We were even featured in a Chandler Lifestyle magazine article recently. She now has a steady following and flow of customers into her shop, and through word-of-mouth, social media and advertising in the newspaper, that number continues to grow.