The Cabbage Shed

a family owned restaurant & pub in Elberta, MI

Tools:     Homestead     Photoshop

A few years ago, TJ and Colleen Hudson purchased a restaurant in Elberta, Michigan called The Cabbage Shed. The previous owner wasn't very active on social media, nor was he very concerned with his website. When the Hudsons took over, I couldn't help but notice how user-unfriendly the website was. There seemed to be no organization to it, and the site itself was very busy with clashing colors and uneven spacing. It was difficult to navigate. So, I offered to work on their website, to clean it up and get it organized.

The Shed's home page was too busy. There was no clear navigation; it was just a jumbled mess of information. It was a scavenger hunt for information. I took all of the information from the home page and put it into its rightful category in the navigation menu - this  helped clean it up. 

The previous history page read like a term paper. Generally, users don't want to read paragraphs upon paragraphs. We live in a digital world where information is granted at the touch of a button. We're impatient. We want our information quick. So I took the history novel and turned it into a short timeline so users could get the idea without having a five minute read.

The old menu page required the user to download the entire menu to read it. Not only does this take more time and waste precious space on their devices, but it's inconvenient. I took the time to write out the menu so it's there on the website, and also added pictures of the food items - because a picture is worth 1,000 words.

The previous Events page hardly looked like an events page at all. Sure, it contained everything that was going on, but it also included a lot of other things that cluttered it up. I revamped it to show all the events in chronological order, listed neatly down the page so the user could understand exactly what is going on right now.

The Private Party Page had the idea right - a simple paragraph explaining what they provide for the customer, and a button to email the planner directly. However, it still looked too cluttered. I put the Private Event Menu on the Menu page, and I put photos of past events on a gallery slideshow so they weren't scattered throughout the page.

The Employee Page was a wreck. Once the user clicked on it, the navigation bar was suddenly gone. It contained all kinds of boring company jargon in big, bold words. It was just scary. What I did was make it friendlier by adding a happy photo of the staff, an easy-to-see button to apply and put all the necessary boring jargon in fine print at the bottom.

I have also created flyers for Cabbage Shed events, which can be found at the bottom of this page.